Aneros Device Anal Silicone Stimulator

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DeVice's battery-free design offers a similar experience to our award-winning Vice, but without the vibration. It is also hands-free and handle-free, which allows users to sit on the massager and employ their hands in other creative ways. The shape of deVice remains the same as Vice, with each curve anatomically designed to fit a man's body for an unbelievable experience. Perfect for Advanced and Beginner Users. Experienced users will love deVice's large size and combination of fullness and comfort. The solid silicone core is comfortable, while providing sufficient firmness and optimum responsiveness. Developed for active stimulation, deVice delivers increased pleasure when sitting, grinding, walking, and nearly every activity one can imagine Material: Velvet Touch Silicone Tip Width: 1.30 inches Mid-Ridge Width: 1.30 inches Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.60 inches Insertable Length: 4.00 inches